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How much is my property worth?

If you are thinking about selling your home, this is the first question that arises.

Conducting an accurate property valuation is the first step leading to a successful sale. If you state a higher asking price than what your property is worth, the sale will be hampered, attracting interested people who expect much more than what the property offers. If you present a lower value, you will lose money on the sale.

Valuations give you an overall estimate of how much your house is worth based upon several different factors. This way, you will know precisely the appropriate amount that you should request during its sale.

Also, by knowing your property´s proper pricing, you will be able to perceive how much you can spend when looking for a new house in the market.

As Ireland’s No.1 RE/MAX Agent, Team Lorraine Mulligan will provide a free valuation of your property and consider its location, special features, and market conditions. We will then combine this information with our experience, expertise, and local knowledge to provide a swift and accurate estimate of the real price of your property.

Are you ready to sell your property or just curious to know what it could be worth? A property correctly valued will lead to…


A Faster Sale


Gets Better Response From Advertising


Less Inconvenience


Attracts Cleaner Financing


Attracts Higher Offers


Means More Money For Sellers

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