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How to Improve Your Online Property Listing through the use of Better Photos and Videos

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Current times have changed the way families express their interest in buying properties. Conducting viewings in person are rarer due to the pandemic situation while online, virtual and video call tours are becoming more popular. As such, the impression you, as a seller, need to make online has to be much more impactful and convincing than it has ever been.

Providing a great online listing founded on excellent pictures can make or break your sale as buyers are now more hesitant and selective when it comes to making an in-person house tour.

As we recognise this importance, we have put together some top tips to help you improve your property picture game:

1st. Get your basics right

Before picking up your camera, make sure the house and property are as clean and tidy as they can be. Next, focus on lighting and having a well-lit environment. Poorly lit areas will result in bad pictures and convey the idea of a smaller space.

2nd. Go with the flow

It’s all about continuity here. Leave doors wide open and take pictures from one room to another with clear views of hallways and areas in between so that potential buyers can paint a blueprint in their head of how the house is organised. From there, you can also provide a video tour to enable virtual viewings simply and effectively.

3rd. Get with the times

There’s an old seller’s trick to make the house smell and feel a bit more like a home with fresh coffee smells and warm temperatures to trick the senses. Though it could work well in the past, in this virtual listing world, it will certainly make no impact. Instead, focus on the visual sense as that’s the only one you can convey in a point-of-view video tour – remove any unnecessary or personal objects that might distract the buyers.

4th. Think like a buyer

Keep your focus on the features of your property that will really matter to potential buyers. Obviously, buyers will be picturing themselves living in the house so, if you’re selling a family home, put some effort into highlighting the kids’ playroom or any outside area where they can have fun as well as other areas that families will undoubtedly enjoy. Tidy up the beds, leave toys neatly tucked in a corner and present those key areas well.

5th. Don’t forget the change in priorities resulting from Covid-19

Bigger kitchens, desk areas to work from home and a nice garden are a few of the commodities that more and more buyers are looking for as a result of the pandemic lockdown. Any extra room can work as personal office space, and the patio area could probably use a rearrangement and tidy up.

6th. Be prepared for the ‘in-person’ visits too

The end goal of a great online residential property listing is to encourage interested families or individuals to come and visit your property and, ultimately, buy the place. As such, it is crucial you maintain your approach consistently good and ensure that all pandemic protecting measures are available to a visitor. Meeting all of the buyer’s expectations will boost your chances of closing a deal, so don’t cut any corners.


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