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Me and My Money – Lorraine Mulligan – coverage in Irish Times

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‘The auctioneer is in me so I would be a haggler, but always fair about it’

Lorraine Mulligan, owner, Team Lorraine Mulligan RE/MAX Results

by Tony Clayton-Lea

Are you a saver or a spender? 

I love to save a certain percentage, spend a little and share a little. Money is meant to be circulated, and while I respect it greatly, it is not my god in any shape or form.

  Do you shop around for better value?

Not particularly. I run my own business, and time is precious for me, so I don’t waste it shopping around trying to save the last penny. I believe in quality and, most of the time, you pay for what you get. Service and customer care to me are extremely important.

   What has been your most extravagant purchase and how much did it cost?

We took the family to Mexico last year, and it was a holiday of a lifetime. We love introducing our kids to new cultures and new experiences, creating magical memories for them, so the cost of the holiday was priceless.

  What purchase have you made that you consider the best value for money?

We recently bought a lovely home in Celbridge and paid a little over the market value, but it was so worth it as we all settled in quickly and happily. To me, it’s not the size of where you live that matters but the happiness, comfort, love, positivity and safety you should feel when you close the front door.

  How do you prefer to shop – online or local?

I love browsing through my local shops and going for a coffee and cake afterwards, and I much prefer to try clothes on than buying them online. When you’re busy and short on time, however, shopping online can be very handy at times.

Do you haggle over prices?

The auctioneer is in me so, in certain situations, I would most definitely be a haggler, but I would always be fair about it. It’s not in me to give anyone a raw deal. Life is about being fair and there must be some flesh on the bones for everyone to make the transaction work and for the world to keep on spinning.

  Has the recession changed your spending habits?

Totally. The recession was both cruel and one of the best life lessons I have ever learned. I always stop and think twice before I spend now. If it is an expensive purchase, I walk away and give it a few days before I say yes or no. Like many, I would have been guilty in the past of wasting a lot of money on unimportant things. Those days are gone forever, in my books.

   Do you invest in shares?

No. I really feel you need to know exactly what you are doing to make them work.

   Cash or card?

I prefer to pay cash. I have a personal credit card and I always make sure it is cleared monthly if there is any money owing on it. I never spend what I don’t have.

  What was the last thing you bought and was it good value for money?

I bought a Dyson hair dryer for my birthday, and although they are expensive to buy, I can now style my own hair a lot more, so it was definitely good value for money.

Have you ever successfully saved up for a relatively big purchase?

Yes, the 20 per cent deposit for our new home. It took discipline, initially, but then it became far easier. I would save a certain amount in the credit union and a certain amount in the bank, and just not go near it. I lived on what was left, and it’s amazing how much money accumulates that way.

   Have you ever lost money?

Yes – the recession. It was awful but, as I’ve said, a great learning curve.

   Are you a gambler and if so have you ever had a big win?

I have no interest in regular gambling at all, but I did take a gamble setting up my own business 18 years ago and taking out a RE/MAX franchise. But after selling over 4,500 homes to date, it was one that certainly paid off.

  Is money important to you?

Yes, very much so, and any self-employed business owner who has gone through the recession will probably feel the same. Money gives us choices and freedom. It should always be respected, but also shared within reason.

  How much money do you have on you now?

I have €135 in my purse today and lots of coins. I normally never carry a lot of cash on me, but I usually have a couple of notes for bits and pieces.

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