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Valuable Selling Tips

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Here are some valuable tips on how to sell your property for the most money and in the shortest time:

1. When you decide to sell your property, it is always best to engage a reputable auctioneer. It is also advisable to get two to three opinions.

2. Interview your chosen auctioneer and pay close attention to things like their attitude, passion, attention to detail, their marketing plan for your property, their marketing presentation pack, their track record and their results.

  • Have they won awards?
  • Are they qualified to do what they do?
  • Are they licensed? Google them too but always be wary of the “Keyboard warriors” who say awful untruths about people and services. Look at the overall picture.
  • What is their activity like on social media marketing platforms?
  • Have they an online bidding platform?
  • Are they modern in their business approach?

3. Be careful not to overvalue your home and be extra careful of agents who overvalue your property to win your business. Your chosen auctioneer must be able to prove to you how they have arrived at your property valuation.

4. Get the strongest and the most professional auctioneer to look after you and your greatest asset. I am at the end of a phone every day, and I can honestly say a great auctioneer can make the difference of thousands extra to you.

5. Ensure you instruct your solicitor to draw down your deeds immediately as if you have a mortgage, they can take weeks to get them out of the bank. Make sure your property tax is up to date and if you are selling an investment property, please ensure your NPRN is paid up to date. Please ensure that if your property is in a development where management charges need to be paid, they are paid up to date, or you will be more than likely unable to sell your property.

6. If you are selling a house on land, it is invaluable and essential to get a pre-survey done to ensure that your house is saleable.

7. Ensure if you have extensions, attic conversions, or block-built sheds you have the relevant planning certificate for these.

8. Septic tanks and pure flow systems for homes on land can be a nightmare, and theses need to be pre surveyed to ensure they are in working order. They also need to be registered and certified.

9. If you have a house on land, you will need a copy of the site map along with a certificate of compliance stating the house complies to planning permission.

10. Be careful of the timing of putting your property on the market. This can make a huge difference in the price you eventually obtain.

11. Ensure you Stage your home for sale and have it looking stunning. You will need to check out a copy of my “Home Staging eBook”. You can email me directly to to get a copy. Some of these tips were seen on RTE and broadcast on Newstalk!

12. Make sure you allow to make it easy for viewers to view and have your property looking like a showhouse for all viewings.

13. Once the offers start coming on your property, you can discuss these with your auctioneer along with the status of all clients bidding, i.e. house to sell, cash buyer, first-time buyer etc.

14. It is nearly always safer to sale agree to someone chain free if possible as chains can and do break.

15. Accept the offer that you are comfortable with whilst always seeking your auctioneer’s advice. Ensure you engage a solicitor that will move quickly for you and gets contracts and title out fast to your buyers. Please note that if you leave your buyers too long without contracts you stand the chance of losing them and you will have to start the whole selling process again!

16. Ensure you have a place to move to and try to facilitate a closing date that suits both the purchaser and yourselves.

17. Leave your property immaculate for your purchaser and gardens neat.

18. Please try to leave manuals on appliances left and how to operate the heating system etc to help your buyers. You can leave a forwarding address for your post too if you feel comfortable doing this.

19. A little token of kindness can go a long way too. Please try to leave a card and a small bottle of wine and/or sweets with a “Welcome to Your New Home Card”. You have no idea how much it means to them when they arrive in and see these types of things when they move in.

20. Finally, the very best of luck with your property move. These few tips will definitely help to a more successful, better and stress-free sale for you. I am only too happy to share some of my property expertise with you. If you need further help, please email

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