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What is Kerb Appeal and Why Do You Need It to Sell Your House Faster?

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Selling fast and as close to the asking price as possible are the two main targets any property seller has in mind but they can be nigh-on-impossible if you don’t have an expert real estate agent on your side.

And even when you have the best real-estate agency working on your sale, selling quickly for a good deal will still be a tall order if your house is not looking great. Listing your property for sale in the best condition possible will go a long way when it comes to drawing effective interest from the market.

Just as with any other business, one should not understate the importance of marketing in the real estate market. Without good marketing, you will have to wait longer for your property to get noticed, and you’ll be less likely to get the desired listed value when closing the sale.

Drawing crowds to visit your house will make your sale easier and faster, having a pool of offers to settle for when you have to finalise a deal.

Making your house appealing to onlookers and potential buyers is only possible from what they see from the outside so, without disregarding your interiors, make an extra effort on improving your house’s exterior to invite people in.

This attraction factor is known as the Kerb appeal and is one of the essentials in successful house sales.

Kerb Appeal’s Importance in Selling A House

Kerb appeal basically refers to your house’s attractiveness from the exterior. And things are very clear here: your property either has it or not! And if not, consider doing something about it if you want to sell your house fast.

Homes with notable kerb appeal have been found to get more visits and sell faster when compared to similar properties on the market.

This is relevant because usually those on the market to buy a property decide on whether to visit a particular house based on how appealing it is from the outside, from its Kerb Appeal. Put it simply, the exterior is the first contact and provides the potential buyers with a perceived preview on the rest of the property.

So, if the exterior looks untidy and tattered, the idea that firstly impacts any potential buyers is that the interior or other parts of the house will just be more of the same. Therefore, if they aren’t willing to visit the house or to know more about it, how are you going to sell it swiftly and for a good deal? If you want to get a profitable sale without having to wait for ages, make sure you can present a great kerb appeal to the market so that you draw in the buyers.

A remarkable Kerb Appeal will not only allow you to improve your odds on selling the house on a shorter time schedule but will likewise enhance the value of your home. How much it can add to the value will depend on various factors such as the landscaping and the house’s exterior state.

A recent study revealed that homes with a beautiful exterior presentation are selling for an average of 7 per-cent more than comparable properties with faded exterior conditions. The same study also showed that a well-cared landscape on a property could also improve the value by as much as 5 per-cent.

How to Boost Your Property’s Kerb Appeal for A Profitable Home Sale

First of all, you don’t have to completely renovate your house’s exterior to achieve kerb appeal.

If you already kept the outside perimeter of your property tidy and maintained, you will not need a complete makeover. Well cared exteriors will be easily enhanced by a thorough clean. Source a pressure washer and have a go at your walls, driveway and other areas that can take the pressure and make them look as new. You can also put a new lick of paint on the walls, so it looks as fresh as possible and don’t forget to cut the grass. These three steps will be clear signs of a loved and cared property.

Any surprise damages you can find during the tidy up, for instance, a cracked tile or window, a hole on the piping or others, should be tackled right away, if you have a cctv system make sure its working – don’t leave it to the next owner as they will use it as leverage to bargain a price.

A freshly mowed lawn does make an impression for well-treated landscaping but don’t limit yourself to the grass. Make it interesting with some vivid flowers and plants, and assure the bushes or trees are trimmed to have the yard looking in prime state. These steps are even more essential if you’re selling the house in the spring or summer time.

While you’re working in the exterior, check if all the outdoor lighting is working correctly and install accent lighting if you don’t have it yet. Exterior lighting is a great selling point and will enhance your home’s appeal as it creates a cosier environment. Don’t forget to turn them on every time you have a visit at darker hours of the day.

Have a look at the front door and see if it needs a fresh coat of paint. Lively coloured doors are trending and can really spark a new life into your exterior.

If you’re running out of ideas for improvements or changes, have a stroll around your neighbourhood and consider what you would like to suit your house with like a particular colour scheme or type of landscaping. Likewise, you can do a similar inspection on your exterior. Go down to your kerbside and inspect what could look better and what could potentially make buyers overlook your property. Then draw your action plan and make those changes to outclass your competition in the market.

And if you’re looking to sell your home but don’t know where to start to improve its kerb appeal, just give us a call. Our expert real estate agents are more than happy to help you sell your property fast and for a great deal.



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