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When Is A Good Time to Sell A Property?

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Historically the springtime is a great time to sell for a number of reasons including the banks are more inclined to lend more money the first six months of every year than the last six of the year as they are trying to hit their targets plus they tend to be more generous with giving out exemptions which allow potential clients to borrow a little more.

People usually are more optimistic at the start of a new year also and tend to set personal and financial goals for the new year ahead. Everyone is thrilled to have the cold and darker winter months behind them and are looking forward to the longer and brighter evenings and also this is generally the time to book summer holidays, so it gives them something extra to look forward to.

In general, we all tend to have a spring in our step and have a more positive outlook as we move into this time of the season of growth. We all feel like a fresh start and a new beginning.

Everywhere starts to look prettier and brighter with more sunshine and longer evenings, and the emergence of flowers and trees beginning to bulb and come into full bloom. The skies become bluer, and the gardens are starting to burst with colour making everything look so much more attractive and so much more desirable.

It is important to note that many clients tend to wait until the summer months to put their properties on the market. Still, in our professional opinion, we feel a vendor has lost some very valuable selling time if they wait until then. Everyone must bear in mind that selling a house is like driving a tank, houses sales happen, but in general, they take some time to get from A to B and in order for a property to get the best possible time it needs to be left on the market for a certain period of time to maximize its value. By the same token, please note that it is essential that a property is not left on the market too long as it can become shop warn and shop soiled and can have a negative impact on the property’s value as potential purchasers can think that there may be something wrong with the property in question.

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